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  • Hello, I’m Keith R. Romero, proud owner of Keith R. Romero Attorney and Counselor at Law
  • I have always believed that everyone, even us regular folk :), can benefit from thoughtful and well executed estate planning.
  • There is a misunderstanding and mistaken belief that estate planning is only for the “wealthy”. Many of us believe that we don’t really own enough to spend the time or the money to protect or plan.
  • That is simply not true. Whatever you have, you have worked hard for your “stuff”, protect it, manage it and control it - while you are able! Life happens – be prepared!
  • Take the stress off your loved ones and make those decision now.
  • Serving clients for several decades now, I have obtained a certain level of nuanced and intuitive instinct coupled with very strong grasp of the law. I have applied my skill set to the great benefit of my clients for decades now.
  • I help clients plan for the future and navigate to avoid the obstacles and miscalculations of estate planning. As a strategist, planner and negotiator, my goal and passion is to help people make the best-informed decisions for their life, their legacy and their loved ones
  • As a former litigator, I am all too familiar with the court system and the stress that a client goes through being at the mercy of a judge or a jury. In my experience, clients end up in very costly outcomes because of poor planning, or none at all
  • No one likes to contemplate retirement, death or incapacity.
  • Organize and Control your wealth as you see fit. Protect it and grow it. You have earned it!
  • I have a deep understanding of the importance of proper planning for contingencies, anticipating challenges and how to best avoid them period.
  • I derive immense satisfaction from helping clients set their minds at ease, knowing their loved ones and legacy are protected.
  • In addition, a to being an attorney since 1995, I am a Wealth Counsel Member. Wealth Counsel is the premier professional membership and software platform for estate and business planning attorneys.
  • The integration of this and other type of support and technology within my law practice has been invaluable at helping me modernize and streamline my business to deliver stellar service to my clients at an affordable price.
  • I attribute my success to the passion and belief I have in my work, along with my ability to build an honest and compassionate connection with my client.
  • My practice has evolved to a point where I am satisfied with the level of service and professionalism that I provide. I now keep a relatively small client base and aim to deliver quality advice and counsel above all else.
  • Para aquellos que hablan español. También hablo español. Una vez más, creo que todas las personas deben tener acceso a la representación y a la igualdad de acceso en virtud de la ley. Proteja sus activos, proteja a su familia, proteja su legado. Llama me hoy!
  • When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family. I love the outdoors and staying active to clear the mind. I practice martial arts which I have done for over thirty years, and it continues to serve as an excellent vehicle for personal growth.

I look forward to working with you!