Getting Ready To Enter A New World Because Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

By Keith Romero |

Wealthcounsel Attorney Member Albuquerque New Mexico

Businesses were hit badly by the Coronavirus pandemic with large chunks of the population staying indoors to protect against catching the virus. Furthermore, a lot of people were not sure about their futures with many companies letting go of their staff, so they did not want to take a lot of risks and preferred not spending until things started getting better.

With the reality of a life-threatening pandemic, people are thinking of life and family planning now more than ever. They want to focus on their savings, planning, and providing for their loved ones, especially should they succumb to this virus.

The pandemic did not disrupt our business as such, but it morphed and evolved under the circumstance. A lot of the work that we used to get in the past, that was person to person, now takes place remotely, over video or call. Most people are comfortable with the changes and understanding of the fact that we are all taking precautions and employ the best practices to take this forward.

Comparing our current company, to the one we were pre-pandemic would make a significant change quite evident. They are two completely different ball games. While we have made changes to the way we were communicating, video conferencing seems to be the preferred mode by most people. Everything considered, it works well and is convenient.

When it comes to the work we have to get done, we make sure we meet our deadlines. I work remotely from my office space. While there were changes throughout the pandemic, we are trying our best not to make any changes within our work. We are still working the same number of hours at the office.

 My biggest challenge is connecting with people through just one meeting. I believe that most people, both the attorney and potential client have to meet personally and feel a connection before settling on working with each other, which is not ideal during a pandemic but is very important to an Attorney-Client relationship. Remote communication presents a challenge to that aspect of human connection.

While we do work remotely, there are a lot of challenges that we have to handle to get through. My wife is my accountant, and she works from the same office building as me. We very seldom have a steady in-flow of unexpected visitors as we get most of the clients that we work with to book appointments before coming in for a meeting. When we have people coming around to the office, we mandatorily ask them to wear their masks. We insist on practicing social distancing and utilize hand sanitizer and take all the precautions we can.

Furthermore, we make sure we regularly clean, disinfect and sanitize the place with the standard sanitizing products. The most important part about staying safe is consistency and regularity.

We have always used a secure platform and independent IT person to maintain our system. My IT provider provides the platform that I am currently using, and for various reasons, it has to remain confidential.

As most people are not open to meeting in person, we also prefer handling all the work we can, remotely. However, if there are clients who are looking to meet us in person, we are open to the meeting as long as everyone follows the office policies regarding COVID-19 and the rules put forth by the CDC in keeping safe. They can even come over and meet us at our office if they prefer.

We are open to remote working platforms, online meetings and video conferencing tools. However, some matters are more confidential, and we should discuss them in-person over the phone. We are even considering having virtual public events or business Expos. We were contemplating the idea as a method of both educating consumers on the importance of state planning and a marketing strategy.

Our world changed for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, death and illness are pre-imminent in our lives now. People mustn’t waste any time and get working toward their goals. Don’t waste time, plan for the future, for your loved ones. Protect your assets, and for the things, you have worked so hard and sacrificed.

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