Top Five Things To Look For When Choosing An Estate And Business Planning Attorney

By Keith Romero |

Wealthcounsel Attorney Member Albuquerque New Mexico

All people should work on planning an estate while they can. Most people usually talk about how they will plan their estate later, but there are many challenges with the process. If there is an accident that they did not see coming, there could be quite a bit of confusion if they did not plan the estate properly.

We work with our clients to find solutions that make sense for them and accordingly work on a payment structure that they would be able to work with at their end as well. We have various options that they can handle. We even suggest changes that they should make if they would benefit them additionally.

When looking for an estate planner, you have to make sure they meet specific requirements and qualities. Many people might not meet these requirements, and settling for the first planner you find is not the best way to get through the process. Here are some of the characteristics that we added that we would look for. If the estate planning document is not drafted properly, the individual would have to go through various processes to right the situation, which might not be ideal. Working with someone who has done this might significantly improve the process. Here are some pointers to look for to get through the process.

1. Longevity
How long was the individual business, or in the case of an attorney, how many years of practice? While these might not seem like important questions, you want to ensure that the person you are working with has some experience. When it comes to any line of work, various factors are regularly changing, and you want to make sure you are working with someone at the top of their game who knows about these changes and plans for them. The information that you would receive would make a big difference in getting you a better deal.

2. Area of practice 
Make sure your attorney has adequate experience and is competent in the area you are seeking service. Even in estate planning, there are many changes that they have to account for and various specifics that would vary from situation to situation. You have to make sure that the person you are working with knows what they are talking about, and it’s directly connected to the work you have in mind when coordinating.

3. Reviews
While reviews from clients are not the only thing one should rely on, they can provide helpful insight when looking for a professional. Every company tells you how good they are when it comes to the work they handle and would also add information about the processes they coordinate on their website. The best way to get this information without a biased opinion would be to talk to people they worked with. They would tell you about the exact process they went through so you are better informed on the challenges you might face.

4. Face to face meeting
Have a face-to-face meeting with your prospective professional (or at least a virtual/video meeting of some type). There is no substitute for meeting someone in person, face to face. As much as we favor this approach, we had to dial it down during the pandemic because many clients did not want to meet us in person, which was quite challenging. However, with the easing up of restrictions, it makes processes significantly easy, and we better know who we are working with.

5. Good fit
After considering the previous factors, make sure it is a good fit for you and your situation. Lawyers often guide you through complex and sometimes stressful topics. You must have a good relationship with your attorney as things develop during the pendency of legal representation. Additionally, you want to make sure the person you coordinate with matches your level of enthusiasm, and you are open to working with them on various aspects so you can get through the process. They should have something in common with you, so the meetings allow you to feel free to add additional information that might make the process smoother.

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